Kevin Penny trains at Leigh East

11 Mar 2022 in News

Kevin Penny trains at Leigh East Kevin Penny trains at Leigh East

We were joined by a well-known face at training last night - Kevin Penny. 

The former Warrington, Wakefield, Widnes, Swinton and Rochdale flyer, now 34, is training towards a charity Rugby League return in April.

When asked why Leigh East? Penny had two words "Alex Thompson."

He then continued, "Thommo is a good mate of mine and he asked me to come down for a bit of a run-out. It's been a while since I've stretched my legs and I thought I would give it a go and see what's happening."

"I've just been enjoying retirement really, I've been living a normal life and spending some time with my family. I've got two young kids. I had a pretty serious injury towards the end of my career, so I gave everything a bit of a rethink."

"I've come down as a bit of a favour but we'll see what happens."

"I've got a charity game coming up on 3rd April - the Warrington All-Stars against the Rugby League All-Stars. I've not played for about four years now so I thought I'd blow the cobwebs off and get the legs moving again, see what I've got."

"I'm really looking forward to it. Most have said it's one last time so we'll see what happens. There's a few big names already - Adrian Morley, Kevin Brown, Chris Riley has said he's playing, Paul Wood too, so there's a few good players and we'll see what happens."

It's a pleasure to have you training with us Kev!


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