Pilkington Recs 24 Leigh East 4

15 Aug 2021 in News

Pilkington Recs 24 Leigh East 4 Pilkington Recs 24 Leigh East 4

Pilkington Recs 24

Leigh East 4

By Dave Parkinson 

Despite taking an early lead at Ruskin Park on Thursday evening, Leigh East suffered defeat at the hands of Pilkington Recs.

With a couple of team changes from their previous defeat at Wigan St Pats, East made a promising opening, defending particularly well against Recs often deadly attack. Wing Ryan Hilliard saw an early effort for Pilks disallowed for a forward pass in the build-up.

East went into the attack early on their next set and found a way through when Zac Nicholls ran forward and cleverly offloaded to send Joe Digby hurtling through the middle. Halfback Chris Penn supported before a ball left brought a try for fullback Kieron Prescott. Unfortunately, Ben Woods couldn't goal, but it was 0-4 to East after 14 minutes.

East went close again minutes later through Nathan Gaskell and Penn on the back of some tremendous carries from Connor Grainey, Nicholls and Louis Else. Within seconds of turning the ball over, however, Pilks were down the ground with Cameron Brown supporting an offload on halfway to speed to the line. Tom Connick kicked the first of four goals.

Pilks gradually got the upper hand and scored another try before the break when Owain Abel again supported Hilliard to go under the posts with Connick goaling for a 12-4 half-time advantage.

The second half was another close-fought affair with Leigh East again making a promising opening when Grainey was stopped short and Nicholls was just held up but crucially Pilks took their two scoring chances. 

The first went the way of Andy Morris, who blasted through the middle from 25 metres to go under the posts. Then with almost an hour gone, Jon Keys made good inroads and his offload found Able to dash through for his second try of the contest. 

East continued to toil away, working hard in defence and attack but there was to be no further change to the score with the hosts finishing 24-4 victors.

There was no game for the NWML side this week with Crosfields unable to raise a team and other efforts to plug the fixture gap coming up blank.

The NWML side also have a free weekend coming up too, with the game against Rochdale Mayfield A being postponed.

Here are a couple of action pictures from the game:


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